Friday, 30 September 2011

First Post!

My first post! To be honest i've been hesitant to start a blog for a while now, just because there are so many out there. I figured that mine would just be lost in a vast sea of style/fashion inspired blogs.... but i couldn't resist. It looks like fun, sharing your your most prized possessions and lucky fashion finds with other fashion lovers. 

so. a little about myself.
I'm 15 (not an overly exciting age to be!) and really cherishing the fact that in 8 months i'll no longer have to wear my ill fitting checkered school skirt and itchy nylon jumper in which I attend a miniscule all girls school. The weekends for me are spent in my quaint little market town, Tavistock. Yeah, Tavistock admittedly isn't a hive of activity where the fashion industry is concerned, but it's pretty and a nice place to grow up. It's great for second hand clothing as most of it's residents are unaware that their old pinstriped blazer or wooly fairisle jumper is soon to be eagerly picked up by someone like me sifting through the charity shops with the eye of a magpie.

well hope you enjoy reading of my antics! check in again soon, next post includes pictures.

Caitlin x 

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